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Healthgrate is at the forefront of transforming healthcare, bridging the gap between patients, hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharmacies, and laboratories. Our innovative approach is designed to create a cohesive healthcare ecosystem driven by the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics. We are dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of healthcare operations while prioritizing patient-centred care. Our comprehensive digital platform is a testament to our commitment, offering an interactive and accessible interface for all stakeholders in the healthcare journey. Through Healthgrate, hospitals streamline their processes with our cutting-edge Hospital Information Management System, Smart Apps, and Tele-ICU solutions, ensuring the highest standards of care. Our platform brings efficiency and connectivity for doctors, enabling them with tools like digital prescriptions, emergency notifications, and clinical research resources. Patients benefit from our Smart Patient App, remote monitoring devices, and educational materials, empowering them with knowledge and control over their health journey. Pharmacies and labs are integrated into our network, facilitating seamless communication and service delivery. At Healthgrate, we are not just enhancing healthcare; we are redefining it, making it more accessible, responsive, and collaborative than ever before.

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Smart Hospital Management System


Experience seamless communication of data, complete automation of hospitals and patient monitoring systems with Healthgrate.

Our Core Team

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Dr Aswini Naidu

Founder/ CEO
Dr. Aswini Ashokan Naidu is an accomplished healthpreneur, renowned for her contributions to digital health technology and smart hospital innovation. Her expertise extends to business strategy within the healthcare sector, combining her medical knowledge with technical acumen.
Hospital Management Software

Ashu Gosain

Co-Founder/ CFO
Ashu Gosain is a founding Partner at Acquila Business Consulting LLP, bringing a wealth of experience in corporate and international tax. His tenure at PwC, spanning over four years, has seen him hold significant roles, including Associate Director and Senior Associate.
Healthcare Operations Management Solutions

Dr Raja Dutta

Co-Founder/ COO
Dr. Raja Dutta is a seasoned professional in healthcare operations, boasting extensive international experience. His expertise encompasses a range of areas including healthcare technology, finance, commissioning, and mergers & acquisitions.
Healthcare Operations Management Solutions

Vineet Baveja

Advising CMO
Vineet Baveja has spearheaded global digital marketing initiatives since 2005. With experience as a senior executive for a prestigious airline in Dubai and as a founding entrepreneur in branding and digital marketing, he has played a vital role in the digital transitions of hundreds of brands.
Healthcare Operations Management Solutions

Priyanksh Garg

Healthgrate, CTO
Priyanksh Garg

Empowering Healthcare Ecosystem: Seamless Integration, Data Mastery, and Preventive Strategies

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Healthgrate is redefining the healthcare landscape by fostering an ecosystem where unification and seamless communication are paramount. Our platform is a symphony of technological innovations designed to manage treatments and proactively prevent the onset of diseases. Our approach's core is meticulous analysis and safe data storage, ensuring quick and secure access for all stakeholders. We analyze health trends and patient data through advanced algorithms, enabling us to foresee potential health risks and intervene before the disease takes hold. This predictive capability sets us apart as we move beyond mere treatment to proactive healthcare management. Our system empowers hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharmacies, and labs to work in unison, eliminating silos and creating a cohesive network. This integration ensures that every piece of vital information is at the fingertips of healthcare providers, facilitating informed decisions and personalized care. The Healthgrate ecosystem is not just a technological marvel; it's a commitment to holistic health, where the dual principles of precision and prevention guide every action. Our vision is a healthcare landscape where technology is a steadfast ally in the quest for wellness, bridging the gap between today's needs and tomorrow's possibilities.