What is a Call Center Support Solution

Enabling businesses to conduct effective communications with the customers. A system that is easier to set up and manage, allowing for businesses to have a greater control and transparency of operations.


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Our Talent Call Center enables businesses to conduct effective communication with the customers.

The working

Guiding customers to resolve their queries faster.

how it works

Contact number for customers

A single number for point of contact with the patients.

Customer facing

Get Healthgrate phone

Healthgrate phone is a virtual number for Healthgrate 24 x 7 support call center. Divert all calls to Healthgrate phone now!

Customise the call

Customized cash flow in dashboard

Personalize the call flow to ensure customers have a great experience. Create an IVR greeting, add voicemail option, set office hours etc.

Customize the office hours, add options for voicemail, create IVR customer greetings.

flow in dashboard

Route calls smartly

Smart call routing diverts calls to the right agents based on your customer’s input and the team’s availability.

Why Healthgrate Talent Call Center

Center Software


Save costs on maintenance, set-up and infrastructure


No requirement for specialists

Alter your call flows as per your needs without the requirement for an individual or a team to monitor it.


Keep track of

Keep track of conversations with the customer and performance of the agent with the help of in-depth analytics and reports.


Easy scaling

Make changes to flow of calls and set-up better without the requirement for a person or a team to monitor it.


Setup in no time

With in-depth analytics and reports, keep track of performances and client interactions.

Healthgrate 24X7 Talent Call Center personalizes the flow of calls to ensure a great customer experience.

What You Get From Our Call Center Solutions

We serve these services for the betterment of your business

Multiple-level IVR

Provide a seamless customer experience during each call. Provide tailored services with help of IVR solutions.

Auto Dialer
Automatic dialer

Our automatic dialer software helps achieve well-streamlined calling process. This eliminates the need for manual interventions, allowing a greater amount of work to be done in a lesser amount of time.

Automated communication via automated calls

Make automated IVR calls, track marketing, effectively collect customer feedback and confirm requests sooner

Call recording

Our software allows for recording calls, storing them for future reference and make better business-related decisions. Call recording further helps for training purposes, resolve disputes better and make data based decisions for a better experience.

Virtual APIs

With Healthgrate, improve performance, be it in terms of simple IVR to complex call functions utilising our virtual APIs.

Routine reporting

Know better how your team is performing over calls. Get daily reports in detail with the help of right statistics for your company as well individual agents.

Call analytics

Get detailed analytics on the campaigns run by you backed by data insights for each call and SMS.

Real-time notifications
Notifications in real-time

With the help of our call center software, stay informed in real-time, serve customers better and get notified on the right time.

Conditional routing of calls

Route calls better and in a customised way even if the lines are busy. With Healthgrate, do not let your customers wait for long hours.

Call Transfer
Services for missed calls

Make best use of marketing campaigns for missed calls in order to better engage with your customers.

Missed Call
Unlimited number of channels

Healthgrate 24 X7 call center support provides you an advantage of unlimited channels for better support provision.

Experience seamless communication of data, complete automation of hospitals and patient monitoring systems with Healthgrate.

The Healthgrate Talent Call Centre Advantages

Why Healthgrate is considered as a highly reliable cloud communications company?

High Security

ISO 27001:2013 certified information security management system

Top-notch Quality

High success rates, high voice quality and no latency

Improved Reliability

Improved reliability ensuring higher success rates and better customer engagement and retention.

Patented product-based solutions

Gain a competitive advantage in your field with the help of patented product solutions.

Scale with Ease

Expand and scale better without worrying about factors like infrastructure and much more.

Best quality support solutions

24 x 7 customer support via our talent call center support solution

Bringing innovation in healthcare with futuristic technology and smart clinics solutions.