A one-stop Queue Management solution

Happy customers become a reality when Healthgrate queue management system falls into place. With a smoother and a more intuitive flow of patient check-ins, Healthgrate QMS improves the quality of healthcare provision for both healthcare providers and patients. We provide a seamless queue experience with the help of an automated flow of queuing and patient alerts. At Healthgrate, we provide standardized queue solutions for a range of difficulties faced in a healthcare premises.


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Experience seamless communication of data, complete automation of hospitals and patient monitoring systems with Healthgrate.

The Wait Is Over: Healthgrate Queue Management is here

Healthgrate queue management system is mean for businesses operating on all levels. It has been designed to especially manage complex appointment scheduling and patient walk-ins. The Healthgrate queue management system is user friendly and comes with a range of features that you will love. Check out these features below

Reduce the costs of operations
Achieve safe queuing

Prevent clashing of queues
Lower patient complaints
Improved healthcare staff efficiency to up revenue generation and profitability
Improve communication and patient engagement

Avoid waiting in long queues with easy patient walk-ins.

Key Features- Healthgrate Queue Management System

cloud computing
Cloud-based Technology

Healthgrate is a completely web-based and supportive of a standardized browser. Through high-end API, it can be seamlessly integrated as part of any software solution.

Patient Feedback

Healthgrate effectively collects the patient data in form of feedback and reviews in real-time. This feature allows for an in-depth analysis of the changes that need to be incorporated for better outcomes.

Personalized Queuing System

We offer tailor-made solutions, wherein you can choose the modules based on your needs and get it as a license on-premise.

Self Check in and interactive Kiosks

The Healthgrate kiosk system enables high-quality patient experience without the need for manual assistance.

Advanced Statistics and Analytics

Customer real-time data and insights tracked and analyzed using advanced analytic technology that help understand and predict outcomes better.

qr code
QR Code Scanning

Vital queue details are a single scan away, automating the entire waiting list process through a simple scan with your mobile phones and the Healthgrate app.

Online Booking

Customers can easily book for relevant services using the Healthgrate web page. All they have to do is visit the web page, choose the service and book the service, that’s it!

Easy online booking for a number of services on the Healthgrate web page, the customers need to simply visit the web page, choose a suitable service and book! It is that simple.

Bringing innovation in healthcare with futuristic technology and smart clinics solutions.

Our SaaS-based solutions are the most suitable for healthcare today

Healthgrate optimizes all procedures ranging from easy patient check-ins, management of appointments, and follow-ups that improve the patient experience.