Healthgrate launches a chain of smart hospitals across India.

  1. Complete acquisition of Hospital by Operate & Manage Model
  2. Acquisition of hospital by Lease model
  3. Converting non performing assets into profitable ventures
  4. Introduction of interactive healthcare technology

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Experience seamless communication of data, complete automation of hospitals and patient monitoring systems with Healthgrate.


Doctor Digital Prescription

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is a useful tool for all active organizations to examine the running system judiciously, for finding out the probable areas where more attention is required so that the organization becomes more dynamic.

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Process improvement

The process entails the assessment of the present condition and tally the same with the projected stage making the Hospital system more effective.

Patient Management System


The process of implementing the new strategy and smart systems into the Hospital system to vanish the gaps (includes knowledge sharing, training & setting quality indicators) and checking its efficiency

Healthgrate Operation Management includes highly effective hospital management system that delivers the best care to the patients in the best healthcare setting.

Covering the crucial aspects of healthcare operations

Operations management in healthcare refers to overseeing the day-to-day practices of a healthcare facility that impact the client experience and organizational goals. These practices are typically broken down into three components: administrative, financial, and legal.

Smart Health Card


Medical Health Card


Patient Health Card


Improved solutions for Healthcare Operations Management

Patient management software
  • Data and digital health technology playing a huge role in healthcare reforms. With Healthgrate, we completely transform to a Smart hospital with patient-friendly, cost effective, integrated and interconnected hospital network.
  • Healthgrate is a complete medical infrastructure leading to overall operational efficiency, quality patient care and increase in revenue generation of the hospital through patient acquisition, retention & aggressive digital marketing.
  • We enable the private sector entrepreneurs operating healthcare facilities to effectively achieve key goals in order to manage the healthcare infrastructure efficiently.
Smart Hospital Management System

Improve Operational Effectiveness

Smart Clinic Management System

Improve clinical effectiveness

Hospital Management Software

Reduce medication Errors

Healthcare Operations Management Solutions

Improve the quality of services in a time bound manner

Hospital Management Software

Use Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Digital Prescription Provider

Use of automation where human intervention is negligible

Patient Management System

Improve financial and administrative performance

Smart Health Card

Reduce readmissions

Medical Health Card

Enhance staff/ patient satisfaction

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Major elements of Operations & Management

Identify the gaps and the pain-area in overall hospital facility and bridge the gaps as per the requirements of the facility
Input factors with transformation process leading to better output with maintaining the balance of input- output factors
Optimization and utilizing of all available resources as well as expanding the resources as and when required
Operational strategies connect the firm's programs, policies, guidelines and workforce in a way that allows each branch to support others in achieving a common goal.
  • Hiring of Manpower for adequate functioning – Including doctors
  • Addition of new specialties and medical equipment’s
  • Organic marketing
  • Latest HIMS & Updates
  • Automated systems including automated pharmacy & consumables supply chain
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Hospital departments including pharmacy/diagnosticsetc
  • Planning of Budgets & forecasting
  • Cost-control & optimization
  • Financial planning
Control of the entire process and flow for better efficiency

Three interactive improvement ingredients that were essential

  • Mindset – System Aim Alignment
  • Methodology – Transformation Engineering
  • Technology – Adaptive System Intelligence

Bringing innovation in healthcare with futuristic technology and smart clinics solutions.